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Aug 17, 2010

Mad at HER!!!

actually i got mood to blog one... then, one fucking nurse name S spoiled my mood....
1st she make the drip leak on my hand...then, she wanna change the pump 3 channel, already know i will need 3 channel, she should prepare 1st the hokien idiom "ai pang sai ka lai chui kang" (wanna shit only wanna find hole) last minute, she found a pump d... she wanna put up the drip, she put the drip line behind the pump.. then how to insert the tube into the line? didn't use her brain at all...sumore the new staff is there, she is teaching the wrong thing.... i told her it's wrong.. she sumore wanna answer back... in the end like dat lor.....
see the line??!! it's so wrong~!
this is what i meant earlier.......


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