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Oct 30, 2010

Discharged~! and on day care~

finally, officially discharged... haha, so i am only going to the hospital for blood check ups on alternate days...

Oct 27, 2010

Like me, Like you: The World In Your Heart

Don't forget to watch Daisaku Ikeda's cartoons...
Please click on the picture to have a better view...

Oct 24, 2010

my blue backpack

stook me two days to make...
one for cutting the pieces
another to sew...

Oct 23, 2010


it's funny, i was finally able to "discharge" from the hospital today.
well... the bank asked for my bills from the hospital, but i was admitted since jully and had not discharge yet. so, the accounts people can't provide the bill...(lol)

so, i get to go home... and get admitted once again on monday...

funny people doing their jobs

Oct 22, 2010


Oct 21, 2010

my cross stitch

Oct 20, 2010

Big Pink Teddy Bear~!

today, i received a big teddy bear from a patient... she and her dad actually wanted to hand the teddy to my personally but i was on ward leave yesterday, so they left it in my room....
patient : Velisia

Oct 19, 2010

The Sire Museum Restaurant

so, my aunt's family and my family went to The Sire Museum Restaurant for dad's birthday celebration...
here are pics