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May 31, 2010

updates updatesssssssssss

coming soon... if blogger upgrade their slow upload slow of images...

May 30, 2010

Blood Donors

for apheresis (check frm wiki)
  1. male (18-60)
  2. not on any medication
  3. not hypertensive; hypertension; blood pressure can not too high
  4. healthy; not sick
  5. no vaccination ( H1N1, Flu, Tamiflu,Tetanus,Hepatitis +)
  6. no injections
  7. no tattoo and piercing
  8. not donating blood within 1-2 months
  9. have donated blood before
for normal donors it's the same criteria except number 8 and 9.
if you have donated blood and want to donate to the blood bank again, donate after 3 months.

May 28, 2010

the guy i like...maybe

when i was in primary 12 years old, i met D and Y. we slowly became friends. that time i like D a lot. later then, at the end of that year he asked me. and i agreed. but, during a gathering we attended the next year, he did not even come to talk to me. it was a let down, but our relationship carries on. soon, i got my first hand-phone. and we finally get to talk. before that i used to call him during late night to talk. but my mum and dad got a little suspicious and i didn't want them to know as they think having a relationship is a commitment. so i had no choice but to break his heart.

then, i met this guy W through the msn. he was nice and sweet. i really liked him. but in the end he choose another girl. well, all i have to do is sobbed through the night and bless them for their happiness. 

i was heart broken then, so another guy J came to me. not good with words but nice. when he asked, i agreed as i thought it was the medicine for my broken heart. a few weeks later, i broke his heart.

i break 2 heart already, and i felt terrible. i thought of not wanting any relationships at all. by then it was my PMR year. so, i decided that "okay, i will stop having relationships with guys first and concentrate." i even stop using my hand-phone. yet, there are many guys still coming around and get rejected by me.

so when i am in form 4, a friend K told me that this Y i mentioned earlier likes me. i thought to myself that he was just another guy passing by. then, i stop talking to him, treated him badly and yet he still want to talk to me. he wasn't good with english so sometimes i do not understand him. so, i got mad. i felt sorry though for scolding him and treat him badly. but i did explained to him that i do not want to break his heart, i just want to concentrate in my studies for SPM but we can still be friends. things go well and he understood me.
during one night in tuition, he gave me a little present for valentines day. i was so touched. i never knew he like me that much. it was sweet of him. then, i started liking him a little. but i did not go against my vow to myself to concentrate in my SPM. so we chatted and all.

after SPM i get diagnose with leukemia, i lost my hair, i dun know he still likes me or not. well, that's what they say when you loose someone, you finally realize that you actually care about them.

hmmm... i know you wanna know who... i'll give you a hint. he is the only person gave me valentine gift and i returned his gift this year. and he doesn't speak good english, pertty short tempered hmm... what else? likes to joke!

good luck trying to guess...

May 20, 2010

sore throat

i have sore throat.. but it isn't so bad like the other time where my whole mouth bleed...
i haven't updated much these few days... missing my friends... felt left out...
recently felt like giving up... but i know i can't... I've gone so far... i must continue until the end... i have to persevere
i know i will be fine... to all who is supporting me.. thanks...

May 16, 2010

going home yet?

maybe... we'll know~ soon... waiting for my doctor to come in the room.
apparently, i have to come back again tomorrow as the blood test results are so good..

May 14, 2010


i'm frustrated at no reason...
i just feel like if that thing i wanted to get done can't get done by like right now... i will blow
and i dun like this at all...

May 6, 2010

new camera and a trip to cameron

first off~~~ i got a new camera and it's PINK..haha

 on monday, my doctor told me that i am well and i do not need to see him for one week. so, my family and i decided to take a trip to cameron highland...
 enter the tunnel

we're reaching
then proceed to room
went for a little stroll
for dinner we had, steamboat...then we went shopping, after that, we hung out at starbucks
next day, after eating breakfast we went to old smoke house, strawberry farm, and market

there are more pictures, but i'm impatient, i uploaded some only....
it takes years to upload all the pictures i wanted to upload.

May 2, 2010

dinner at jade blossom with family

my bro came back and today was the last day he'll be staying...
our aunt and family invited our family to dinner at jade blossom.
the food was okay... i can't tell it's really delicious or not, my taste buts aren't what the were... i taste everything weird... not only that, my tummy doesn't feel well all the time... there's always air in it....
so, we ate and chatted... it's always fun eating a meal with their family...
i always have a great time...