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Nov 15, 2011

1st Anniversary

Lyn Si dear,

A year has passed by so quickly
Throughout the year you are being missed by everyone, from young to elderly
Though we only had such a short time together.... sadly 
We had spend many good times together....happily
During the times when we were all sailing together through rough waves.... very stormy
You still managed to put up a brave face and remain smiley
That's the reason why we constantly quote your actions and bravery 
You are a role modal for us when we face adversity 
When we are sad.... we look at your photos and managed to smile.... mystically
Memories of your laughter, your cheeky face, your comfort.... comes back so clearly  
As though you are still here with us.... cheering us up instantly
We miss you very much.... forever will....Lyn Si.... you remain in our hearts dearly....

Mummy finally completed your work .... sewing up your soft toys ...