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Jan 30, 2010

January Ending~

I woke up at 4am, yeah, i know, EARLY! I can't sleep... and I don't know why.
Anyways, I made bookmarks and it's free. LOL.
At 9.00 am my mum, dad and I went to this anti-oxidant hot bed therapy at Ecoparadise. (Well, it's all in the link).
After that, we went for lunch at Hock Lye seafood restaurant.
After eating, we head back home. I finished up my bookmarks. Arranged my stuffs and went for a nap for 1hour, from 4pm until 5pm. Then, woke up to drink my coconut water. Rest for a bit and ate homemade roti canai for dinner. My mum and I went for a little walk after that.
I did my gongyo and diamoku, then head up to bathe.

I can't wait for tomorrow, I am finally meeting up with my friends!!! <3


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