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Jan 11, 2010


Here I am again, sitting in front of my desk, typing away why I can't sleep after I empty my bladder at this time of the night.

The cool air washed my face leaving chills creeping downwards my arms. *brrr~* my air-conditional is directly blowing towards me. I sat on my bed, then on my feet, walked to the toilet and pass urine. After washing up, I came back to my room, prepared to sleep. Unfortunately, I twisted and turned, I can't seem to get back to sleep. My tummy growled, *geez, I'm always hungry*.

I ended up surfing the web for 2 hours and then went back to sleep for another hour.

I ate 2 eggs for breakfast with my mum's homemade bread and a cup of green tea. Went out to town for my 8th RT at 10.30 am. After that, my mum and I grab something to eat at Queensbay Mall. With our tummy filled, we proceeded shopping. I brought a few facial slimming tools. LOL... i have a round face, i need to eliminate that! I also brought sun shades and one boxers from F.O.S.

Due to my tired legs, our shopping ended at 3.00pm. We reached home around 3.30 pm. After taking a splash, i slept. Woke up to eat dinner and then here i am again.

Face roller

My shades~


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