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Feb 6, 2010

Origami Crane~ Tutorial

First of all, You need a square paper...
Turn it over...
Fold it into half, and it will become a triangle
Fold it into another half, Still triangle
Then, open the first triangle pocket and fold
Turn the other side
Fold the 2nd triangle pocket
Open the first diamond pocket, and fold, make sure the line is straight
Fold, fold, fold...
turn over
Fold the 2nd diamond pocket
it will turn out like this
(2nd version diamond)
Fold the sides of the 2nd version diamond
(make sure the points are at the center)
Fold the other side
then, fold both sides close...
now, it will look like this ↑
fold the flaps up
it will look like this ↑
then, Fold it close again
pull the pointy parts put out a little
fold the head of the crane
pull the wings, and the body will flatten...
Your end product should look like this ↑~!

This is made just for my Aunt Quah Poh Lin.
see how much i love you...


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